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Pastry Chef Jobs

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The pastry chef works in restaurants, bistros, large hotels, casinos and bakeries.

The pastry kitchen or pastry section is normally slightly separate from the main kitchen.

The pastry chef, in a professional chef kitchen, are highly skilled in making desserts, pastries and many other baked goods. In the pastry kitchen, they often have other assistants to assist them.

Some of the many responsibilities of the pastry chef often include ordering, costing and menu planning. In daily operations, the pastry chef may develop new recipes, test them or research new recipe concepts. Although they do not usually plate their desserts, they prepare them in advance.

Common pastry chef work activities include:

  • Meet with the various chefs in the restaurant to discuss menu planning and pairing of desserts with entr´┐Że and appetizer selections
  • Testing and evaluation of new pastry and dessert recipes.
  • Ordering all supplies from various vendors and in some cases going directly to the growers for the freshest possible fruits and berries.
  • Preparing a budget for the pastry department of the kitchen in conjunction with the management and the other chefs.
  • Supervising the various apprentice and chefs in training in the pastry kitchen.
  • Providing training, education and even community classes on pastry and dessert making.

View current Pastry Chef Jobs